VideoFins Pro - Professional Underwater Video Camera Stabilizer for your action cam

Group B Distribution Inc


VideoFins Pro is our professional underwater stabilizing system for any waterproof video camera or phones.
This system allows for the video camera to track straight and true underwater. Due to its large fin, the VideoFins Pro can be equipped with several cameras, flashlights and peripheral equipment and still track true underwater in a predictable fashion. All the rods are drilled with 1/4 holes (6.3mm) at 2" (5cm) intervals on all sides, giving the user ample ways to mount the fin, the crossbars and other gear.

VideoFins Pro can be deployed using a rope or simple fishing rod. We recommend using a trolling weight (2-12lb) attached to the bottom eyebolt with a 50lb test monofilament line. (please check "Deploy It" at the top of the page for more information).

The Standard kit includes one vertical bar with a large fin, two horizontal crossbars with a rotating camera mount, and necessary hardware.

  • Custom built out of solid 6061Aluminum bars which are drilled on all sides than anodized to resist corrosion.
  • Vertical rod is 18" long (46cm), horizontal crossbars are 6" long (15cm)
  • Extra-large fin is 19.75" long (50cm), 5" wide (12cm)
  • Stainless steel quick release 500+lb (225kg)
  • Stainless steel eyebolts,washer and screws.
  • Well Made in Florida, USA.


*Benthic /GPH housing/GPH Clamp not included!

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