See Star LED Housing

Group B Distribution Inc


This LED housing was specifically developed at the request of an oceanographic research center as part of an open source underwater time-lapse system. While it was developed to automate the quantification of plankton, there is a myriad of applications.

The system consists of three main parts: the camera housing (See Star Project Camera Housing) , the See Star LED Housing, and the battery module (See Star GPH). Both the Camera and the GPH modules can be found under "Camera Housing" and  "General Housings" respectively in our catalogue.

The See Star LED housing is :
  • Certified to a depth of 4,900ft (1500m, 151 BAR ), or 2,200 PSI (152 Kg/cm2)
  • Precisely machined LED support platform
  • Deep enough to accommodate the LED Module and DC/DC converter
  • Larger, thicker acrylic lens
  • One 7/16th" 20 thread hole in the back end cap for the SubConn connector
  • Fully anodized. High resistance against the corrosive effect of saltwater
  • Weight: 1.65 lb (725 gr)
  • Length 7.4" (18.8cm) , Width OD 3" (7.6cm) , ID 2.5" (6.3cm),
  • Well Made in Florida,USA


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