SeeBenthic ROV and underwater camera system cable

Group B Distribution Inc

What do you do when you can't find an underwater cable that meets your specs? You have it made. In this case, we were looking for a cost effective underwater cable that could withstand the pressure at over 1000+m (3300ft). This cable had to be durable enough to be continuously deployed in the harshest environment under the most demanding circumstances.

There are four layers of protections. First is hard plastic outer shell to resist cut and abrasions. Second is an aramid layer to further protect against cuts but also giving this cable a 430kg (950 lb) tensile strength rating. Third is another hard plastic sleeve. Fourth is a thin transparent plastic sleeve that includes 2 pairs of cable as well as two multi-strand strings. This cables holds 2 twisted pairs (4 wires) of 23 gauge, pure stranded  copper. This cable is rated for 1000m (3300ft) for continuous use.

This cable is 10.5mm (0.41") thick. This cable is not buoyant. The net weight per 1000m is 78kg (171 lb).

This cable is available in custom length as well as 1000m (3300ft) and 2000m (6600ft) spools. If ordered in 1000m or 2000m spools, this cable is delivered on a wooden spool and pallet.

Priced extremely competitively at $4.50/m ($1.56/foot)

Please contact us directly at +1 772 631 0411 or to order this custom cable.