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Ever since Point of View (POV) action cameras went mainstream, we have tested dozens of models from various manufacturers over the years and the vast majority of them aren't that good. As that industry matured, we did find an action camera that is an excellent cost effective alternative with features that did not exist on the other action cams.

Overall, the video footage obtained from this camera is very good. This camera will not match the top tier action cams in absolute terms, but you can get two of these GB Git2 cameras, and still have $100 left over to buy your significant other dinner and flowers to make up for the inordinate time you've spent filming underwater critters.

Another tangible point to consider about exploration is that it is ALWAYS better to have two cameras underwater instead of one. Murphy's Law still applies underwater and while reviewing the footage of something of interest, you will invariably wished you had had a second camera deployed at another angle.

One of the features we really liked about this camera is that it turns on/off automatically when an external power source is hooked up via the USB port. This feature opens a whole range of options for very long term time-lapse sessions. This feature allowed us to take underwater time-lapse pics and videos during months long deployments.

This camera is compatible with our Scout and Benthic Camera Housings.

This camera comes with a full kit including various mounts and a waterproof housing (31m, 100ft)

As for the specs, here there are:

Chipset:  Novatek NTK96660 

Lens:  High Quality All Glass Elements

Angle of View: 170°,120°

Sensor: Sony Exmor IMX206 16MP

LCD Display: 1.5 inches LCD screen

Video Resolution

2160P HD video: 2880 x 2160; 24fps;
1440P HD video: 2560 x 1440; 30fps;
1440P 4:3 HD video: 1920 x 1440; 30fps;
1296P HD video: 2304 x 1296; 30fps;
1080P HD video: 1920 x 1080; 60fps;
1080P 4:3 HD video: 1440 x 1080; 60fps
1080P HD video: 1920 x 1080; 30fps;
720P HD video: 1280 x 720; 120fps;
720P HD video: 1280 x 720; 60fps;
720P HD video: 1280 x 720; 30fps; 
WVGA video: 848 x 480; 30fps;
VGA: 648 x 480; 240fps

Video Format: H.264 encoder, MP4 video container

Video Loop Mode : Supported

Photo Resolutions: 16MP(4608*3456),12MP (4032*3024),8MP (3264*2448),5MP (2592*1944),3MP (2048*1536)

Time Lapse Photo : 2 sec. / 5 sec. / 10 sec. / 30 sec. / 60 sec.

Shutter Speed: 1/30 Sec. / 2 Sec. / 5 Sec. / 10 Sec. / 15 Sec. / 20 Sec. / 30 Sec / 1 Min.

Microphone & Speaker: Built-in microphone, No speaker
External microphone supported

Video Out :

HD Video: Micro HDMI (HDMI cable sold separately)
Analog Video: Mini USB (AV-Out composite cable sold separately)

Quick start recording: Supported

G-sensor: Supported

Wi-Fi: Supported

Remote Control: Optional

Ports: Mini USB ,Micro HDMI, Micro SD

Storage: Micro SD memory card with a Class 10 or UHS-1 rating
Up to 64GB capacity supported 

Record times :vary with resolutions and frame rates

Battery & Charging Battery: 950mAh Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery

Battery life: up to 90 minutes in Full HD mode

USB Charging: DC 5V 1000 mA

Weights and Measurements:

Camera weight: 64g (2.25 oz)
Camera with housing weight: 154g (5.4 oz)
Dimensions: 59 x 30 x 41mm   (2.32" x 1.18" x 1.61")



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