Abysso : The toughest housing for Sony's FDR x3000 /r

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Sony's new action camera the FDR-x3000 has been making waves in the professional film making industry for very good reasons. 

The BOSS system (Balanced Optical SteadyShot) is an optical stabilizer that allows the user to shoot in stabilized 4K resolution. This system is unique in the "action camera" industry.  Moreover, the low light performance is the best we have seen in any action cams. Also, the FDR-X3000 offers a 100 megabit rate in 4K/30FPS. The higher the bit rate, the more information is captured in each frame. This in turn allows for very crisp videos as well as being able to pull out details out of  each frame in post production. In our opinion, the FDR-x3000 is the new leader in image quality for action cam.

If you are a professional user and do not have a camera yet, we would strongly recommend taking a look at this new camera. There are plenty of reviewers on YouTube who will offer their honest opinions ( Iphonedo is one of our favorites...)

Suffice to say, we wanted to create a housing that would be the toughest one we've ever made.

Enters ABYSSO.

This is THE camera housing for extreme depth and extreme filming conditions. From filming underwater  to depth of 9000ft (1.7 mile, 2750m )   or filming explosions, rocket launches, building demolitions, etc, Abysso is made to be at the heart of the action, regardless of how brutal the environment is.


Abysso Specs are:

  •  Carved out of a solid block of 6061 Aircraft Aluminum, for the toughest environments.
  • Certified to a depth of 9,000 ft (2750m, 277 BARS ), or 4025 PSI (282 Kg/cm2).
  • Easier access to the Mini-USB/HDMI ports due to internal pocket in the back
  • Larger, thicker acrylic lens,
  • Fully anodized. High resistance against the corrosive effect of saltwater.
  • FIVE mounting points. For maximum flexibility in choosing your video camera's field of view. Ideal for 3D imaging
  • Bulletproof (smaller caliber) and bombproof  (see pic in testimonials)
  • Weight: 2 lb (922 gr).
  • Length  4.8" (12.2cm), Width 2" (5.2cm), Height 2.9" (7.25cm)
  • Well Made in Florida,USA



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