General Purpose Housing GPH-1750 (with viewport)

Group B Distribution Inc


Need a rugged canister to protect delicate electronics or a flashlight? This is it.

The GPH-1750m is an aluminum underwater housing that is extremely versatile. Rated to a depth of 1750m (5,700ft),  this canister is  7.4" long (18.8cm). The  outside diameter is 3" (7.6cm). The GPH offers a 5.8"x2.5" (14.8cm x 6.3cm) internal space area that can be used for streamlined POV cameras such as Sony, JVC, Drift, Contour, Bullet, etc. This housing features an acrylic lens. This canister can also be drilled to interface with a Scout/Benthic via a waterproof connector. Well Made in Florida, USA.

Our clients use this canister to house:

  • Flashlight/ video lights
  • Lasers
  • Additional battery /control boards
  • Sensors
  • Board level cameras, batteries and control boards (Arduino type).

As you can see, its use is only limited by your imagination

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