General Purpose Housing GPH- 2800m (NO viewport)

Group B Distribution Inc


The GPH -2800m is a newer version of the GPH-1750m, specifically made to go deeper. 

The GPH-2800m is an aluminum underwater housing that is extremely versatile. Rated to a depth of 2800m (9.200ft),  this canister is  6.6" long (17cm). The  outside diameter is 3.4" (8.8cm). The GPH offers a 5.25"x2.5" (13cm x 6.3cm) internal space area that can house various electronics, sensors,and batteries This canister can also be drilled to interface with a Scout/Benthic via a waterproof connector. Well Made in Florida, USA.

Our clients use this canister to house:

  • Additional battery /control boards
  • Sensors
  • Board level cameras, batteries and control boards (Arduino type).

As you can see, its use is only limited by your imagination

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