Nautilux - 2000 Lumens Video Light

Group B Distribution Inc


Film deeper.

Beyond 250ft (75m) deep, some sort of light source is recommended to shoot videos. The Nautilux combined with the GPH 1750m general housing is the best self-contained solution for underwater video filming. The Nautilux must be used with a GPH-1750m housing.

Nautilux has 5 different settings: High (2000 lumens), Medium (1400 Lumens), Low (600 Lumens), strobe and SOS. On the high setting, the batteries will last about 1 hour. The color is neutral white at 4000K using 3 Cree XML LEDS.

We offer two versions: The Standard version throws a 50 degree beam that is more spotlight than a flood light. When the Nautilux is placed into the GPH-1750m, the light beam will be changed into three intersecting ellipses, keeping the center beam focus and strong. This beam is ideal is you want to record a very specific area that requires a very strong and narrower beam. The Standard Nautilux can also be used as a regular flashlight on land.

The Modified Nautilux is a Standard Nautilux that has been machine cut to remove about 1" (2.5cm) from the bezel area and the reflector. This gives the Nautilux an extremely wide light pattern (over 120 degrees) when you need to film the widest area, be for general observation or exploration. This is the preferred version. Since there is no protective bezel or lens on the Modified Nautilux, this light should remain into the GPH-1750m at all time, even when used on land.

All Nautilux come with 4 Li Ion batteries and a charger (US plug only)

Nautilux Standard outside the GPH-1750M housing is only water resistant (IP67 rating), while the Nautilux Modified is should never be exposed to water outside the GPH 1750m Housing

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