Programmable Underwater Video Light - Nautilux Custom

Group B Distribution Inc

Nautilux Custom is a fully programmable flashlight for extreme depth. Rated for 1750m ( 5700ft, 856 fathoms deep), this light provides up to 3500 lumens of neutral white light using two high output Cree LEDS.  After 7 hours, it still provides enough light to shoot videos (up to 1500 lumens).
This light includes a 18 Mode programmable timer which allows you program a very wide range of timing options (see Programmable Timer for full list of modes). Delaying when the light comes on, or turning on/off after a certain time frame is very easy to achieve.
The Nautilux Custom also features two LED drivers which allows one LED driver to be disconnected to use only 1 LED if you so choose. The custom 12V battery pack comes with its own charger. (Please read the battery disclaimer on this site prior to using). The Nautilux Custom is made with a GPH 2 and a GPH Extension. The GPH 2 contains the battery while the GPH Extension contains the LED drivers and the Programmable Timer.  Both the GPH Extension and the Programmable Timer can be removed to turn the Nautilux Custom into a regular flashlight.
The Nautilux Custom be drilled in the back endcap to add a SubConn underwater connector. This allows for precise timing between the Nautilux Custom and the camera housing. For example, if you were filming a baited trap, you want to turn your camera on first, then after a few seconds, turn this light on. This would ensure that you have footage of whatever is close to the baited trap before it swims away.
The Nautilux Custom is 16" long (41cm) and  3" wide (7.6cm). It weighs 5.7 lbs (2.6kg). Custom made right here in Florida.
We can use different LED (IR,UV,etc), just contact us.

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